Music Styles

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Year 7 Music Styles

This website is a learning tool for Year 7s, aligning with AusVELS. The Music Styles Unit covers a range of styles, including Classical, Jazz and Rock 'n' Roll. The information is well-researched and the layout is easily accessible to students of Year 7 age.

How to use this website: read each webpage on the different styles, click on audio and video links for further information on the music style and composers/performers. There is also a Glossary page for words to aid different literacy levels.

Students can work through the website in groups, pairs or by themselves. It can be set as homework, used in class on a set of computers, or guided by the teacher using a smartboard or projector.

Once students have worked through each of the reading and listening pages they should complete the Music Styles Quiz and email it directly to their teacher.

If you would like to suggest a word to add to the Glossary please ask your teacher to contact us.